Nan Friedley


Nan Friedley was born and raised in Indiana, but now lives in Southern California.  She recently retired from a 30-year teaching career in special education, which allows more time to spend with two grandsons and her reclusive cat, Rosie.  Now she finds herself dabbling in family genealogy, reading more, regularly participating in kickboxing classes, and playing those addictive on-line games with friends.


The following poems first appeared in 2014 Writing from Inlandia:

Selfie, Escargo Away, Browsing, Not Worth a Hill, Let the Turbulence Begin


The following appeared in  2014 Three, An Anthology of Flash Nonfiction published by PushPen Press:

Highway Haikus


The following poems first appeared in 2015 Writing from Inlandia:

It Came in the Mail, Captivity, Predators, Aimless, Critic at Friday Matinee,

Nutri-Ninja with UltraTM


The following poem first appeared in Beyond the Sea, Treasures by

Eber & Wein Publishing:



The following poems appear in 2016 Writing from Inlandia:

Puddles, Big E Test Fail, Band Director, Picture Day, Short Yellow Bus, Lounge Lizards, I Was Going to Clean the Bathroom, but Daredevil Happened, Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Roll



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